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It turns out that I am rather rubbish at blogging. I would love to post here more often but life just keeps getting busier and busier.

Can anyone point me in the direction or give me some advice on how to blog on a regular basis?!

Also, I really must apologise for the horrible iPhone photos in the last post. I will make effort to make my photos a little prettier!!!

I will be popping back later this week to share photos from Tilly’s 5th(!) birthday party….Teacups and Tutus!!



Be prepared, photo catch up!

I’ve been MIA from my little blog for too long, and aside from general life with my family it’s been mainly due to lots and lots of sewing! So here are a few of the projects that have kept me so busy!)

























Sorry about all the iPhone photos, I must remember to get the good camera out!


It’s the most wonderful (and busy!) time of the year

I love Christmas. Especially since having kids. And especially now that they’re old enough to get really excited by it.
A few years ago we got an Elf on the Shelf. I discovered them through Pinterest and had to order from the US as they were not available here. Well, since then Barry (our Elf) has become one of our top traditions.
I made a big mistake though. I set the bar way too high. Here are the things he got up to in 2012:








If you follow me on Instagram (nellieanddot) you can see what he has been up to this year…. Its a lot of photos to post! And thank goodness for Pinterest for giving me do much inspiration! (You can follow me on Pinterest too)

Hope you’re all having very happy holidays


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I often find it difficult to muster the energy/time to write a blog post. I feel that I need to make it worthwhile to read and certainly don’t want to be monotonous with day-to-day stuff.

I am often on Instagram and Pinterest and have recently gotten reacquainted with my Flickr account so if you’re on any of these, pop by and say hello!


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Time flies

Well, I’m back. I haven’t been anywhere exotic or exciting, its just that life has been busy, kids haven’t been sleeping well, I haven’t been sleeping well and I’ve been just too tired to blog.

I have been working on sewing some nappies, embroideries to incorporate into a quilt, and a doll (or two, can’t remember). Unfortunately my sewing machine is out of action at the moment and I won’t have it back for another 2 or 3 weeks. Oh well.

Today was another awesome day out with the family. We went on ‘A day out with Thomas’ (the Tank Engine) up in Emerald. Its a beautiful part of Victoria where they run Puffing Billy an old steam engine. They allow you to sit on the ledge of the carriage and dangle your legs over the side and feel the wind in your face. I can remember doing it as a kid, loved it just as much today. Every now and then they run a special day where the train is pulled by Thomas, they have a Thomas pantomime, colouring in, face painting, jumping castle and animal nursery. Today’s outing was to celebrate Hamish’s upcoming 2nd Birthday, in lieu of a party.

We arrived about 2 hours before our scheduled train ride but it gave us plenty of time to enjoy all the activities without having to wait in lines or deal with a big crowd. Hamish absolutely loved everything, couldn’t stop pointing at the ‘Choo-choo’ and watching the joy on his little face was priceless. Tilly  had just as much fun as Hamish whereas Tash decided that it was a bit too boring for a teenager.

After we had finished with all things Thomas, we headed to Emerald Lake Park for a picnic lunch, play in the playground and checked out the miniature railway (over 2000 meters of track!).

The day was great, the kids were an absolute delight, so well behaved, well mannered and slept nearly the whole way home!


Be prepared for a photo overload….



Tilly and Tilly (the goat)

Tilly and Tilly (the goat)


Being told off by a goose!

Being told off by a goose!





Ready for face painting

Ready for face painting


Face painted for the first time

Face painted for the first time








Please Mummy!

Please Mummy!





The spread...

The spread…


Managed to get 3 out

Managed to get 3 out


Frozen mousse and custard. It kept everything else cold but they were very difficult to remove!

Frozen mousse and custard. It kept everything else cold but they were very difficult to remove!


Birthday cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes


Little cars

Little cars


Picnic Lunch

Picnic Lunch


Puffing Billy

Puffing Billy


Pure joy

Pure joy


Waving at everyone we passed

Waving at everyone we passed


(For some reason the photos are out of order, not sure how to fix it, any suggestions?)




What I really needed…

Today was amazing. 

We all got up at a decent time (around 8am), did the usual morning stuff, told Tilly we were going on a picnic (I packed the picnic) then we headed to the zoo.

Its about an hour or so to get there, both Tilly and Hamish fell asleep in the car, but when we arrived in the carpark, Tilly took one look at the sign and exclaimed ‘We’re at the zoo!” (we hadn’t told her where we were going). 

The whole day was just one of those where everything goes right. We saw all the animals we wanted to, the kids were so excited but so well behaved (they usually are, but you know how kids can be when you’re out for a big day) everything was relaxed and fun! Both managed to stay awake on the drive home, Tilly chatted the whole way (yep, the entire hour-plus journey) and we topped it all off with McDonalds for dinner. 

Truly a day the memories are made of.

Now I’m off to bed, I am knackered!ImageImageImage




Very happy with the finished quilt, just wish I had taken some better pics before I gave it to my beautiful niece.

I ended up hand-quilting a few of the picture blocks and inside and outside of the boarder. I love how hand-quilting looks, although I must invest in a good thimble! It is also the first time I have made my own bias binding, I have only ever done straight binding. I used this method to make it using only a bit over a fat quarter!

Let me know what you think!



Last Thursday a parcel finally arrived.

I had ordered some of Sarah Jane‘s beautiful Children at Play fabric from here. It took a while to get here and I was getting nervous as I have had a couple of things from the U.S not make it to my front door. Anyway, my beautiful sister-in-law had mentioned a colour theme of lilac and red for her daughter (who arrived into this world last Tuesday, 2 days before the fabric arrived).

My aim had been to have heaps of cute things made before little Miss Dorothy arrived (yep, Dorothy after my grandmother Dot!! Love it!!). I have pieced and basted a quilt and planned many other items in my head, I’m just a bit stuck. I attempted to free motion quilt for the first time but was not happy with the results and spent 2 nights unpicking it all. The quilt is now re-basted and waiting. Maybe I’ll hand quilt it.

Anyway, here are a few peeks…


The quilt pattern is from Camille Roskelley‘s Simplify book.

Hopefully I can show you the finished result soon!


Crafty Detox

I have a confession.

My craft cupboard (one day I’ll have myself a sewing room!) had become a disorganised mess. It was so bad that I spent more time looking for things than sewing. And given that with 2 toddlers I have very little time to sew, it was very frustrating.

So the last couple of days have been sorting, organising and culling. I have been detoxing my cupboard.

I am so happy with the results, I just had to share. It all looks so pretty now. Not sure if I want to risk messing it up again…

Here is some of my fabric stash. I love being able to see it all easily, but sometimes it makes it hard to choose what to use if I haven’t already decided.


I also found my granny squares hiding in a box. Looking forward to getting stuck into these again…


I now have a basket full of pretty Atsuko Matsuyama pieces. The only problem is that I can’t bring myself to cut into them! They can be hard to come by and expensive, it really needs to be the right project


Another basket I filled with doilies. I have a few left after making 4 table runners for a dear friends wedding.


My ribbons, ric-rac and lace trims are neatly wound and stored so I can easily see them all.


My large collection of vintage patterns didn’t need too much attention as they are stored apart from everything else but these are two of my favourite. On  my list of things to make for Miss Tilly.


I feel like I can really get stuck into my ever-growing to-do list now.

Sorry hubby, you’ll be back to eating your dinner on the couch for a while!!



I’m a bit excited as I jumped on Spoonflower on Friday night and have ordered a test swatch of what I hope will be labels I can sew on my handmade creations. It’ll be nice to put a stamp on the gifts I make.

I also hope that my 2 packages of fabric will arrive this week. One contains fabric for quilts for Hamish Bear and my new nephew who will make his arrival in November or December and the other has fabric for a quilt and a few other bits a pieces for my new niece who could arrive any day now!! So very exciting!