Checking in

Ok so I’ve been a bit MIA lately. This is going to be a bit of a short post as I’m ready for bed, but I thought I’d show you what I’ve been busy with….
These two as usual


Finishing this for my cousin’s new baby boy


Baking cupcakes with Tilly and teaching her how to sew (she made a doll quilt with my help, she laid it put and sat on my lap to piece it, a bit of a proud mummy moment)




So I’m now making a quilt for my mum, have many more ideas in my head and rolling along with life!
You can find me on Instagram (nellieanddot) and can you tell I’m loving the new Beautiful Mess app??



A long drive, grubby kids and too much chocolate

Good Friday was spent with many other families on the road for half a day to our family’s property in rural Victoria. We were spending the Easter weekend on 17 acres of bush in a mud brick shack that had been built by my dad and grandfather when I was a little girl. My family has been getting away there my entire life and its such a blessing to be able to take our kids there too.
The four hour drive went by minimal grumbling and almost no restlessness from the kids. We don’t have a DVD player or electronic games to keep them entertained so it was logo bingo and eye spy. Prizes for bingo were new books so that helped keep them entertained.
The weekend was spent playing in the dirt, jumping off logs, driving around in paddock bombs, enjoying sparklers and glow sticks.
The Sunday morning egg hunt was just magical. My wonderful husband spent half an hour with Hamish being handed eggs which he would then subtly hide so Hamish could ‘find’ them again. I’m so blessed to be married to such a great guy.
Both kids fell asleep with 15 minutes of the drive home and slept most of the way! It was such a great weekend, the perfect distraction from the fact that I won’t have my sewing machine back from the repairer for another 2-3 weeks (it’s already been a month)!!!














Last Friday my baby girl turned 3.

I loved this birthday as she was so excited about it. She really had an understanding of it being her special day (and that she would get presents!). I love the pure surprise and excitement that this age brings, its so special.

We celebrated on Saturday with a Lalaloopsy party. I had taken her to see the movie at the cinema back in February and she has loved the dolls since. I do have a tendency to go a bit overboard with parties, but the look on her face when my husband bought her over to my parents home (the party venue) after her swimming lesson was worth all the work.

She had an absolute ball….next year might be a quiet little family trip to the snow….