Right place, right time

Mum & Dad have been foster parents for a few years now and over that time they accumulated a vast amount of kids clothing and toys…I mean an absolutely ridiculous amount. They have a large house with generous sized rooms and the clothing alone was taking over 1 and a half rooms!! Crazy!!
So on the weekend we had a garage sale and organised for a local charity to pick up the leftovers on Sunday.
While I was at my parents on Friday sorting, sorting, sorting, my Dad’a mate came to drop off some tables and two vintage sewing machines to sell. Before he had even unloaded I was asking how much he wanted for the two. He umm and ahhed and eventually came up with $100 for both. I was pretty happy with that but then his lovely wife decided that I could have both for $50!!!! An absolute bargain!!!


The garage sale was a bit quite, we forgot it was school holidays and the beginning of the football season but the charity were a bit overwhelmed with the huge amount of donations they picked up today!! And I have these two lovelies for my future craft room! What do you think?



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A long drive, grubby kids and too much chocolate

Good Friday was spent with many other families on the road for half a day to our family’s property in rural Victoria. We were spending the Easter weekend on 17 acres of bush in a mud brick shack that had been built by my dad and grandfather when I was a little girl. My family has been getting away there my entire life and its such a blessing to be able to take our kids there too.
The four hour drive went by minimal grumbling and almost no restlessness from the kids. We don’t have a DVD player or electronic games to keep them entertained so it was logo bingo and eye spy. Prizes for bingo were new books so that helped keep them entertained.
The weekend was spent playing in the dirt, jumping off logs, driving around in paddock bombs, enjoying sparklers and glow sticks.
The Sunday morning egg hunt was just magical. My wonderful husband spent half an hour with Hamish being handed eggs which he would then subtly hide so Hamish could ‘find’ them again. I’m so blessed to be married to such a great guy.
Both kids fell asleep with 15 minutes of the drive home and slept most of the way! It was such a great weekend, the perfect distraction from the fact that I won’t have my sewing machine back from the repairer for another 2-3 weeks (it’s already been a month)!!!