Ideas, so many ideas

This week has been hectic again. Tilly is now at Kinder two days a week, I’m trying to say yes to as many CRT days as possible without being a burden on my babysitter (Mum). All while trying to get many ideas realised.
There is a big agricultural show on in March and I would really love to enter a few things in the craft section. Every year I say I’m going to, this year I actually want to do it!
I have a vision in my head of a quilt, pillowcase, cushions and a throw that all use Tasha Noel’s Simple Life fabric. The quilt will incorporate embroideries which will hopefully look beautiful but is time consuming. I struggle with being patient with this first step as I want to see my vision in real life.
Below is a pic of the first embroidery, it’s nearly done, then there will be another 3 or 4 (depending on my patience!). Then I can put the quilt together….


I’m also wanting to get started on Hamish’s birthday presents, and a few other ideas…. Sometimes I wish there was more hours in the day



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