Twice finished

Last week I finished a quilt to give to my cousin at her baby shower. Then I decided I wasn’t happy with the binding so my seam ripper and I got busy and ripped it all off. So, I finished it again with new binding. I’m so much happier with the results.

This quilt is made from The Sweetest Thing fabric by Zoe Pearn for Riley Blake. I left out the pinker prints as my cousin knows she is having a baby girl, but doesn’t want to be swamped by pink. Charm squares set on point with ivory sashing, what do you think?

Jem's baby quilt front Front close up Back IMG_0925 DIY washi tape

My favourite little man got hold of my roll of double sided fashion tape (you know that stuff you put between your body and clothes to keep your clothes in place?) and pulled it all off the dispenser. Rather than just throw it out I put it on some of the scraps of fabric and made my own washi tape. Waste not want not….

IMG_0927 IMG_0932

Original binding

The original binding I had cut just 1/4 of an inch too thin. It just didn’t look right so had to be replaced.

Gift tag

Tilly was so excited at the baby shower when Jem opened it, it was so cute and Jem seemed to love it.



3 thoughts on “Twice finished

      • I know what you mean but I find that the recipient usually treasures a handmade gift the most. ESPECIALLY when so much work goes into it, like the beautiful quilt you made 🙂

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