What I really needed…

Today was amazing. 

We all got up at a decent time (around 8am), did the usual morning stuff, told Tilly we were going on a picnic (I packed the picnic) then we headed to the zoo.

Its about an hour or so to get there, both Tilly and Hamish fell asleep in the car, but when we arrived in the carpark, Tilly took one look at the sign and exclaimed ‘We’re at the zoo!” (we hadn’t told her where we were going). 

The whole day was just one of those where everything goes right. We saw all the animals we wanted to, the kids were so excited but so well behaved (they usually are, but you know how kids can be when you’re out for a big day) everything was relaxed and fun! Both managed to stay awake on the drive home, Tilly chatted the whole way (yep, the entire hour-plus journey) and we topped it all off with McDonalds for dinner. 

Truly a day the memories are made of.

Now I’m off to bed, I am knackered!ImageImageImage




Beating my addiction

I have an addiction to fabric. Don’t laugh, I really do. It needs to stop and its going to.

I have so many ideas and the Internet allows me to fuel these ideas with beautiful fabrics that I can buy from across the world.

The problem is that the fabrics then sit in my cupboard and don’t get to be useful or admired. I do have them all neatly organised and I love to open my cupboard and run my fingers over them imagining all the beautiful quilts and bits and pieces I plan to make. Then I shut the door and get caught up with life and they sit there for a bit longer.

Well no more!!
I am making a pledge to actually use the fabrics I have and to avoid adding to my stash. I have a few pieces on their way through work in March (Little Red Riding Hood, by Tash Noel and Calliope by Cyndi Walker) so with the exception of these I am not buying anymore quilting cottons! I can buy plain fabric to use as sashing and backing for quilts, but only from my local Spotlight store and I can buy winter weight fabric to make clothes for the kids this winter (I have the cutest vintage overall pattern for Miss Tilly). Oh and I can buy batting.

My plan is to start ‘stash sewing’, using what I have on hand already and actually making things on a regular basis, not just for presents!

Wish me luck!!



P.S. I will happily accept any gift of fabric or vouchers for Etsy or The Fat Quarter Shop….. Then its not ‘me’ buying the fabric…..