Last Thursday a parcel finally arrived.

I had ordered some of Sarah Jane‘s beautiful Children at Play fabric from here. It took a while to get here and I was getting nervous as I have had a couple of things from the U.S not make it to my front door. Anyway, my beautiful sister-in-law had mentioned a colour theme of lilac and red for her daughter (who arrived into this world last Tuesday, 2 days before the fabric arrived).

My aim had been to have heaps of cute things made before little Miss Dorothy arrived (yep, Dorothy after my grandmother Dot!! Love it!!). I have pieced and basted a quilt and planned many other items in my head, I’m just a bit stuck. I attempted to free motion quilt for the first time but was not happy with the results and spent 2 nights unpicking it all. The quilt is now re-basted and waiting. Maybe I’ll hand quilt it.

Anyway, here are a few peeks…


The quilt pattern is from Camille Roskelley‘s Simplify book.

Hopefully I can show you the finished result soon!



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