Sorry Blog!

I’m sorry for neglecting you little blog. ..
It has been a long time since my last (ahem, second) post, but I have my two little one who have been keeping me busy busy busy!! Since my last post we have celebrated little Bear’s first birthday! Cannot believe he is now 14 months old! 
We had a lovely party in the local park with family and friends, it was a bit overcast but thankfully the rain held off until it was time to pack up. We themed it cookies and milk and based the colour scheme on a blanket I used to take monthly photos of him on. 

Mmm, milk…

Cookies & Cupcakes

Cookies and party favours for the toddlers and big kids

Cake table

Slices and cookies

Love this little wagon I found at a local vintage shed and Larlie bear was Bear’s first Christmas Present

Monthly photos of our Bear

Party favours for the babies

Flavoured milk

LOVE my drinks dispenser!

Bear and his smash cake

Triple layer cake, chocolate, vanilla choc chip and plain vanilla

Bunting and photos, a little wind blown

Something was mentioned by a few party guest about me going a bit overboard with all the bits and pieces for his party, but wait till they see Button’s 3rd birthday party coming up in July!!


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