Inspiring Ladies

Nellie & Dot….

Nellie is my maternal grandma (Granny, or G.G) who taught me to crochet (unfortunately I have now forgotten how) and nurtured my faith in the Lord. She is a wonderful lady, who has lead an amazing life (ah, the stories she has from her army days) She can also be very set in her ways which can be a bit frustrating at times and very ‘old-fashioned’ in her views of the world (read, very opinionated!), but I love her. 

Dot was my paternal grandma (Gran) who sadly passed away in 2010. She was also an amazing little lady who made the most amazing chocolate cakes for our birthday each year and chocolate chip cookies that are making my mouth water just thinking about them! She was such a quiet soft spoken lady who was fiercely independent. She was generous and kind, with an ace sense of humour… I miss her and often find myself thinking about her, especially when I’m baking or sewing. 

Nellie & Dot