First post!

I’m finally getting around to writing my first blog post! Its something I’ve been meaning to do for a long long time, but its amazing how quickly time flies, especially when you’re busy running after kids!
A bit about me, I am a secondary science teacher, currently on family leave (thank you Victorian Government for giving me 7 years!). I have two beautiful kids, Miss Matilda (Tilly), who is 2 and a half and Hamish-Bear (almost 10 months). I also have a wonderful step-daughter, Tashabel who lives with us full time and absolutely adores her little sister and brother.

A small basic quilt I made from a couple of charm packs of reproduction 1930’s prints. My first quilt!

I have a passion for all things crafty, sewing is my utmost favourite (and embroidery). I also love to bake and this year must learn how to knit and crochet.
In 2009 I met a beautiful mum at my mums group and we have since started a small business together advocating the use of modern cloth nappies.
Hmm, after reading over this, I wonder how I’ll have time to keep up with it?